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LISI Automotive is a division of LISI Group active in the sector of fastening and assembly systems for mechanical components for the automotive industry. It is a leading supplier and directly supplies the main European automobile manufacturers and the largest globally active component manufacturers in the world.

In 2021, albeit in a period strongly marked by the repercussions of COVID-19 and the global shortage of electronic components, it achieved a turnover of 485 million euros.

Its size allows it to combine innovation and quality. From the initial conception to the after-sales service, all members of the company are involved in achieving the standards of sustainability, safety and excellence that distinguish its products and services.

Corporate IATF 16949 certified, Lisi Automotive is the supplier of a complete and high-performance range of products, also by virtue of its deep experience in the processing of steel and plastic materials and its mastery of cutting-edge technologies and production processes.

The company boasts a strong industrial presence in the European and Asian markets and is focused on customer service:

integrated production to control costs, lead times and quality;

sharing of the culture of co-development;

innovate to constantly stay one step ahead of the competition.

Its main direct customers include AUDI, BMW, DAIMLER, FORD, GM, PSA, RENAULT-NISSAN, VW, as well as the main component manufacturers such as AUTOLIV, BOSCH, FAURECIA, TI Group, TRW.

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