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We continue with the presentation of Eurofix production for the automotive sector. The anti-vibration clips are part of the same family and play a decisive role.

A highly performing type of parts that ensures great reliability in assembly operations also thanks to the quality of the materials used, characterized by elasticity and mechanical strength.


We describe two of the anti-vibration clips. The first called "expansion nut", is mainly used for assembling the plastic parts of dashboards and car interiors, and assembles two panels by inserting a parker screw. It can be used through pre-arranged rectangular holes.

The second is mainly applied on the edge of the panel. It has an "S" shape which is decisive for receiving two plastics and fixing them with a parker screw.

Thanks to their refined geometry, they are also characterized by a remarkable resistance to the vibrations to which cars are usually subjected.


Like all other clips, they are made of tempered spring steel, coated with specific galvanic treatments, which are characterized by very high resistance to salt spray corrosion tests, with resistance up to 1000 hours.

For further technical information, product sheets or commercial information, you can contact us via company contacts.

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