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Zaktualizowano: 15 mar 2022

In any avant-garde work, even a simple nut can make the difference and the quality of each component becomes important to achieve high standards.


The Eurofix professional cage nut kits are created with the aim of satisfying the most demanding technicians and installers expectations, providing indispensable spare parts for many sectors, with superior quality and performance compared to the standard components used. This is thanks to the quality of the raw materials used and to our production process certified by ISO standards.

A kit consisting of screw + washer + cage nut that we supply in a box format of 100 pieces (100 + 100 + 100), dedicated to companies and installers with high volume needs.

Alternatively, the blister format of 30 pieces (30 + 30 + 30), also suitable for “soft” and hobby applications, able to guarantee results of the same quality and level. For further technical information, product sheets or commercial information, you can contact us via company contacts.

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